As I am looking into Apex (again), here you can find a movie app built with Apex 20.2
just for fun, it contains information about approximately 85000 movies (from IMDb / Kaggle).
The app pretends nothing. Just a study.
You can enter it with credentials demo / Verw1tabc

Release history

Upcoming challenges:


Bit more about PHP

Also fond of PHP?
It was quit a challenge to get this going. Below the steps taken are written down.
But first, some information about numbers in the MovieApp database, queried from the Oracle database, with PHP :-)
As for now, 24/03/2023 07:20, we have these numbers in the database:


Technical background of the installation.

The infrastructure configuration is as follows, hosted at
Image of infrastructure

Let's not pretend it was easy. But finally we found a way to get it on.
Looking at the list and image above, you got the feeling, it was a long walk. The bottomline was: get Oracle client software in a place the webserver can reach it, and get PHP ready with the OCI8 module to communicate with the Oracle Client software. So, what all happened (sudo where necessary):

Part of info.php:

Image of oci8

... and relax, you can breath again